World War II vet attacked after visiting wife in hosptial

86 year old World War II vet, Paul Browning, was attacked after visiting his wife at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati. Browning has received nothing but love and support from the community. A fundraiser account has been setup online.

The attacker, Craig Phelps, apparently apologetic after realizing Browning was not the right person. Phelps helped Browning off the ground and handed his wallet back. Browning is expected to be fine but Phelps is being held on robbery and possession of of a drug instrument. Phelps charges could expedite to include assault when case before jury.



Nearly 90 days after Tracy Morgan accident involving six cars in New Jersey, best known for his eight seasons on Saturday Night Live and countless TV shows and movies; is still recovering from a broken leg, nose and several ribs. But Morgan toughest obstacle at this point is learning how to walk all over again. Morgan is only able to use his wheelchair at this time; doctors say he is making great progress and expected to make full recovery.

As for Wal-Mart truck driver he pleaded not guilty to vehicular homicide for the death of fellow comedian James McNair. Morgan is not satisfied with the outcome as he pursued a federal lawsuit against Wal-Mart.

Oldest Human Alive

Mexico native Leandra Lumbreras is the oldest human alive. Just this past Sunday Lumbreras celebrated her 127th birthday with family. Lumbreras born on August 31, 1887; was 27 when World War one erupted, 75 when John F. Kennedy was murderer and almost 100 when the Berlin wall came crashing down. Lumbreras secret to living so long is eating chocolate, sleeping and never getting married.

Although Lumbreras is reported the oldest human in the world, Guinness Book of Records will not be knocking on her door because she lost her birth certificate 40yrs ago while moving. So the title still remains with Japan’s Misao okawa who is 12yrs younger(115).