Black Muslim Man Saves Hostages In Paris By Hiding Them In A Freezer

Black America Web

A young Muslim man put his own life on the line to save others during Friday’s hostage situation in Paris.

Lassana Bathily helped to get a group of hostages into the walk-in freezer at Hyper Cacher, a kosher supermarket, BFMTV reports. He told the news outlet that he led a handful of people to a walk-in freezer in the basement before switching it and the light inside off. He left them there, instructing them to remain calm while he went upstairs.

“I’m the one [who] is going to go out,” he remembers telling the hostages being held by Amedy Coulibaly. “I took the elevator and went upstairs.”

He continued, recalling, “[Coulibaly] asked us all to come upstairs, otherwise he would kill everyone who was downstairs.”

As soon as Lassana got out of the freight elevator he ran outside, where cops immediately took him into custody. However, he helped officers find…

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