You know its funny

How I try to go to sleep

But the writer in me refuse

Millions of thoughts run through my head

As I climb into my bed

Close my eye to today

Till the morning sunrise shine through my blinds

And gently brush my face with its warmth

Time to get up sleeping beauty

And don’t forget to say the FIVE things to make it a productive day

As I smile shyly at myself

The reflection is perfection

Hi nice to meet you

Is that me

She is……I mean I am beautiful

Almond eyes

Pouty lips

Perfect shape head

I got the look

Wonderfully made

Great listener, College graduate

How many is that one two three

I lost count

Oh I can get use to this

I got it going on

God fearing woman

Not where I started

Far from where I want to be

I will fail my way to success

I vow to stay true to myself

Love myself

Set standards

Never settle

Always willing to learn and never afraid to teach

I can be in the mirror all day

But I can not be late

Oh wait time management is a must

Time waits for no one

See you later my love

Nice to meet you

Need to do this more often

I missed you


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